Vehicle Remotes

Vehicle lockout service

Duplicate Automotive keys

Clone transponder keys

Program transponder keys to vehicle

Original keys for vehicle door and Ignition switch

Repair Damaged Locks

Code keys by VIN

Code keys by vehicle key code

Replace worn keys

Key new locks to existing vehicle

Locksmith Tip

If your car key has always worked, but over time it has started to get catchy or harder to turn and you may have even figured out that magic special way to make the key turn.

Now it wont! or your unsure if it will the next time you use it.

 You will be stranded only to have to call a locksmith.

Don't worry

 Valley lock & Key can fix your key.


It is usually the key not the lock. keys are generally made of brass and with time they will wear out.

A good Locksmith can read or decipher your key
and cut a new key back to factory specifications.

will solve the problem 80% of the time.

Always make sure its not a Less expensive key problem before you assume its your lock.

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