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Select Products brand Hinges.

SELECT Products aluminum geared continuous door hinges are a secure and long-term solution for high-traffic commercial door openings. SELECT geared hinges, designed for new construction or retrofit applications, reduce maintenance costs while outperforming traditional hinges in schools, offices, airports, storefronts, hotels and public and industrial buildings. 

Save an old door

If your door no longer fits in the frame, and will not close right, a continuous door hinges will usually help. 

Make a New door last longer

Want your new door to last longer in high traffic areas then add a continuous!

It makes a difference

 Every single customer we have installed a Select products hinge has invited us back to do more. Once the customer can see the value and time savings in the product, the benefit is huge. We can install a hinge on most doors within a couple of hours, we carry the product in stock, to take care of you fast. In Yakima, Ellensburg, and Toppenish .


A select products hinge saving an old door at Irwin Research. Door hinges installed.